The Hope Of Education for our future Generation

The Hope Of Education for our future Generation
When we were young / kids, our parents instilled fear in us
that you won’t succeed in life if you are not
educated, I wonder if that still applies to this age?

I am only wondering because I will soon be a parent,
and some of us here will probably pass the same
fear to the next generation. Not me!

I will teach my child that education is good but
there are different kinds of education. You can’t
just go to school to learn chemistry, physics,
maths and English.
I will also teach him that you can still learn to be a
developer while you are at it. You can learn to be
an entertainer, a footballer, anything you want to
be while you are still attending classes in school.
How many of our parents were willing to pay for
us to go and learn how to play musical
instruments when we were still a kid? How many
of them could buy footballs for us or even allow
us to play the ones we bought by ourselves in
peace. 😁 😁 am a victim though

I used to hide my video games back in the days, I
used to hide my drawing book where I drew all
sorts of futuristic cars. Who knows if only
someone encouraged me then there may have
been flying cars today.
All I am trying to say is do not limit the potential
of any child, your job as a parent is to guild that
child maximize his God given potentials or talent

Also if we can help one another to grow, we all will fly in Colors…..

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