Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma : Beef has been Settled

Remy Ma has moved on.

It looks like the Remy Ma-Nicki Minaj beef is coming to a very undramatic close.

Recently sitting down on an episode of The Real, where she frequents as a guest host, Remy revealed that the beef is over…for her

“The dust has settled,” she said. “Some people don’t get that the dust has settled,” she continued. “It’s kinda hard to see the dust settling when you are in a grave under the dirt.”

“I say all the time, I’m petty. But, there is a thin line between petty and pathetic,” she added on. “You have to stop at some point.”

This is certainly a calm ending to the heated beef between the two stars that officially kicked off following Remy’s “ShEther” drop.

In regard to peace and comraderie in Hip-Hop, it’s a much more pleasant ending considering the alternatives that history has flaunted in years past.

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