Kelvin Gates ,Might be in JAIL Till 2018..See Awful Reason below

Kelvin Gates

Kelvin Gates
Prison records show that Kevin Gates could be eligible for parole in June 2018.
Kevin Gates got hit with a 30-month prison sentence last month for an outstanding weapons charge from 2013. It was a crushing blow for the Baton Rouge rapper, as the punishment was handed down right as he was finishing up the sentence for the battery charge that originally sent him to jail in October. According to newly unveiled public records, though, Gates is scheduled to have a parole date on June 22, 2018.

Kelvin Gates
It is thus possible that kelvin Gates could be out of jail in less than 14 months, according to Gates’ inmate status report, which was shared by DJ Akademiks. The online report reveals that Gates has a “projected parole date” in Summer 2018, though it is unclear what conditions he must meet in order to be eligible for parole when that date comes. It is important to note that Gates’ inmate sheet says that his “projected discharge date” is June 22, 2019 — a year after his listed parole date.

Though the news of Gates’ potential parole will be welcomed by his fans, another 14 months is still a painfully long time to be deprived of new music from one of the South’s most talented artists

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