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Harrysong settled Beef with Five Star Label …

It’s just been a few weeks ago since Harrysong and Five Star Music drew the battle line and engaged in a very bitter war. And a lot was spilled.
Harrysong was painted as the rogue musician and businessman who wanted to renege on a legally binding deal that has been beneficial to his career. He was called a criminal, thrown into a police net and dragged publicly.

Kcee got some share of everything too. Harrysong confirmed the long-suspected rumour that says Kcee is musically dependent on him, down to the point of song composition, production and recording. According to Harrysong, Kcee’s existence and relevance in the
Nigerian music space, is down to his involvement.
It was ugly. Very ugly. But today, things are different. The family has come together, and forged new rules of
engagement that would help everyone move forward in understanding, goodwill, partnership and mutual benefit. Check out the statement below by Harrysong.

1-“I am running Alterplate now. They have given me their blessings and asked me to be freeto run Alterplate. I am going to relaunch Alterplate maybe in the next two weeks, we are working towards it.”

2-“We reached this agreement two weeks ago during a dinner (photo above). I have great respect for them, for them to have done what they did to me to bless my company and say I’m free to go and run my Alterplate, they’re good people. Both families are ok now,”

The key compromise in this settlement is that everyone wins in the end. All parties came together, analyzed the business perfectly, and worked out new ways to compromise, and keep everyone happy.

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Harrysong is still connected to Five Star Music. The man has a deal that requires him to drop three albums under the record label. He will have to give that to the, or provide an equivalent. But he still gets to work with Kcee and Dr Amir. Five Star still needs his input in the business, and they will be unwilling to end that completely.
For Harrysong, his main complaint has been that he feels unappreciated by Five Star Music, and needed to own his personal business. For the emotional part, it’s sorted out.
Harrysong’s appreciation will sure be given to him by respect and fair remuneration. But the key thing for him is that he gets to own and run his independent business.
At the start of his battle with Five Star, he founded and launched a music company called Alter Plate. That company has been at the center of the rift. Right now, it’s all over. Harrysong can go about his business and run it good.
In the end, all of these were made possible by communication, compromise and understanding. It’s worthy of emulation by everyone else who is currently experiencing problems. Not every time court battle, sometimes the most heated problems are worked out over a hot meal, some cold beer and some Five Star treatment.

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