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Africatodworld.commoting African content and promotion of young artists, Writers, Story writers, motivating words and blogging.
is the best African website which is to be launched on Monday 5th June 2017, with many categories which you can enjoy, bringing you stories and news from best writers, giving you the best out of Gossips, News and latest music release all over Africa.

Africatodworld is brought down from the thought of young minds all over Africa to help their fellow Africans.

We are here to help and not to become a liability or scam people. Promotion of Music, submission of guest posts are all free for the time being because we understand the economic crisis in some countries in the continent and we pray it will be forgotten soon.

We are committed to the citizens of every country within the continent.

We also try to solve problems like addictions, give advice on either blogging, Social platforms, writing stories and relationship problems. You can reach us anytime.

Important notice:

If you wanna write a sponsored article on our website you have to take note of these things below:
•We don’t accept post with too much ads or fake news.
•We are 100% different from other blogs.
• And also, we are experts at what we do.

Possible benefits and the future hope: anything you post on our blog will go viral, more than expected.

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