13 Islamic Students Land In Trouble For Dancing “One Corner” in class

One Corner

Some students of the Islamic Senior High School (ISSEC) in Kumasi, Ghana, are facing the school’s Disciplinary Committee for misconduct IN School.

The students, comprising nine females and four males, appeared in a video that went viral on social media which showed them dancing to the popular ‘One Corner’ song from one of their classrooms.

The students were said to have taken the video and shared it on their personal Facebook pages and on YouTube. The circulation of the video prompted a swift action by school authorities who summoned them for interrogation.

Parents of the students were invited by school authorities on Tuesday for a meeting which lasted for hours. They were also reported to the Ashanti Regional Education Directorate.

13 Islamic students

According to management, it would wait for the outcome of investigations from the committee before taking a decision on the matter.

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